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March 11, 2022 2 min read

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re on the lookout for the most trendy styles this season! From textured locks to more simple and chic changes to your mane, we’re already beginning to see so many stunning looks! 

Will you be rocking any of the following styles? 

Natural Curls

The Curly Girl Method (TCGM) is more popular than ever before. More men and women are embracing their natural hair patterns, and many people are educating themselves about the technique, finally realizing that their locks can curl! The best benefit of all? Individuals who are implementing TCGM into their beauty routine are achieving beautifully effortless styles withoutany heat! Sure, many people might argue that a diffuser is necessary for bouncy curls to be the end result. But guess what? It’s not required as long as you use the right leave-in products! 

The Shag 

Casual, trendy, and alittlemessy. It’s safe to say that the “shag” haircut is as low maintenance as you can get while looking like you put some consideration into your look. Imagine it as the most natural look you can go for, but will a little extra structure. Or better yet, the hairstyle equivalent to “no-makeup makeup.” When you go to your next salon appointment, be sure to mention that you want your hair cut into shorter layers without too much taken off of the length. One great thing about the “shag” is that it works for all hair lengths, so you don’t have to grow out your locks to achieve the rock ‘n’ roll inspired do!

Beach Waves 

Is there really any other hairstyle that screams “summertime” like beach waves? Throw in some highlights into the mix, and you’re all set for days spent in the sun. Whether you end up with beach waves from braiding your hair before bed or using an electric waver, the seasonal style can look like you put inway more effort than you really did. If you spritz some sea salt spray for added texture, you’ll always look as though you just got back from the shore, all day, seven days a week! Nothing looks more like Summer than vacation-ready hair.

Blowouts WithExtraVolume

Ever since the world was blown away (no pun intended) by hair dryer brushes, it has becomesuper easy to achieve a salon-level blowout. Hot tools that also take the form of a brush eliminates several hassles: time, the pain of keeping your arms up for 30+ minutes, uneven areas of dry hair from clipping the strands into numerous sections. Just remember, if you’re planning on using any sort of hot tool to achieve your desired hairstyle, always use a heat protectant!


Remember when everybody was rockin’ curtain bangs during quarantine? Us, too!  It seems that more people can get away with bangs than the internet memes were alluding to! Now that numerous people have taken the risk to try out the timeless hair-do, we’re beginning to notice them in varying styles more and more. 


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