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March 16, 2022 3 min read

Effortless curls are all the rage, but the timeless style can be challenging to maintain and quite unpredictable. Plus, achieving a full head of curls isn’t always attainable for people who have wavy to straight hair. By aiming for this look all the time, you might end up gravitating towards hot toolsall the time. And you know how we feel about those! 

By opting for heatless curls, you’ll be saving your locks from so much future damage while embracing what your mane can naturally do (well, with a little bit of help)! Here are just a few ways to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls with no heat involved whatsoever!

Scrunch In Curl Products

Hair that already has a natural curl or wave to it can drastically transform with the help of just a couple of products. Here’s what you’ll want to do for luscious, bouncy ringlets.

  • Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite combo. If there are any sulfate and silicone-free products, that’s even better! The elimination of these ingredients will ensure that your hair is hydrated without being too weighed down. 
  • Step 2:When you’re finished with your shower,do not wrap up your hair. Gently squeeze out any excess water but keep your hair soaked. 
  • Step 3: The first product you’ll want to use is a hydrating curl cream. Apply a dime-size amount to wet hair and disperse it throughout your strand with a raking motion.
  • Step 4: Now that your hair has some slip to it, comb the product through to untangle any knots. 
  • Step 5: Over top the creme, apply a dime-size amount of your favorite hair gel by scrunching it in. During this step is when you’ll see the curl patterns take form. Plus, you’ll also scrunch out any remaining water. 
  • Step 6: Now, it’s time to wait and let your hair air dry!

Simple and inexpensive, this super easy six-step process will get you ultra bouncy curls withzero heat!

Braid Damp Hair

If you want to give your hair a more subtle curl, then try braiding your hair before bed or at least while your hair is still damp. In fact, this trick works on all hair types, even if you don’t have a natural pattern to your hair. The more braids you do, the tighter curl you will achieve. To add a little bit more structure and volume, be sure to spritz your hair with some hair spray or sea salt spray once you unravel the braids upon drying. 

Our Favorite: Foam Rollers

Rollers have been a beauty staple for decades. Try the heatless version for similar results. While your hair is damp, simply section your hair based on how large or small you want the ringlets to be, and wrap them up and forget about them! If you want to ensure that they are tight, structured, and will last for days, apply some type of curl cream before rolling your hair. To save even more time, foam rollers can be used overnight, thanks to how comfortable they are! 

For Natural Curls and Waves, Keep Them Hydrated!

Natural curl patterns thrive when hydrated! Stay mindful of the products you use and the amount of water you consume, as these factors will play significant roles over time. 

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