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June 21, 2021 3 min read

We all have 24 hours in a day. Still, some people manage to do wonders in that time. 

Ever wondered how?

The key is planning! This article will walk you through nine easy steps to help you plan your day to allow you to maximize your energy levels and productivity. 

Step # 1: Sleep Early

The preparations for a productive and energy-filled day truly start the day before. The first thing you need to do is to sleep early the night before. 

Ensure you get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a day. 

If you are struggling to sleep, check out Nite Nite gummies that are a fun-filled, one-stop solution to all of your sleep-related issues. 

Step # 2: Get Up Early

Make it a habit to get up at daybreak. Do not hit the snooze on your alarm. 

Research suggests that getting up early causes a dramatic increase in energy, productivity, and alertness levels (1). 

Step # 3: Get Things into Motion

Now that you are awake, your body and mind need a jolt of energy. 

You could work out any time of the day; however, some research suggests that an early morning workout causes the most improvement in your physical and mental performance (2).

Step # 4: Plan Your Diet

If you have not already, meal prepped for the week then after work out is the best time to plan what you are going to eat the rest of the day. 

Have a nutrition-filled breakfast. Research suggests that a healthy breakfast improves your focus, mental agility, physical strength, and productivity (3). 

Pack a nutritious lunch as well to keep the energy levels flowing. 

Most importantly, keep hydrated throughout the day. 

Step # 5: Have a Clear Game Plan

Walk into work or college with a clear game plan for the day. Set out achievable goals for the day and stick to achieving those goals. 

Step # 6: Prioritize 

You might not achieve everything that you had set out for the day. After all, you have limitations too! Accept that fact. 

Learn to prioritize important things. Stay focused and cut out the clutter. 

Step # 7: Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take regular breaks. 

There is no hard formula but take at least 20-30 minutes break every 2-3 hours. Taking a power nap is even more helpful. 

Step # 8: Some Extra Help with Vitamin Supplements? 

Wonder if there are vitamins for energy and focus? Try Kalavita’s Focus Focus gummies. This energy gummy is an action-packed focus vitamin that is loaded with clinically proven ingredients to help improve your focus, energy, and productivity throughout the day. 

Step # 9: Sign Off

Do not overwork. Remember to leave your desk in time. 

You have done an amazing job for one day. You deserve to switch off the screen, get away from your desk, and spend the rest of your day doing what makes you happy. 

Think of it as a hard reset for the day ahead. 




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