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May 10, 2021 4 min read

Another Nootropic?

We are not here to spam your Facebook and Google feed just because you searched the word ‘nootropic’.

Hear us out!

We know you have so much on your plate: an assignment due stat, approaching mid-terms, and that weekend plan with your friends.

You are pulling all-nighters, and your brain is working full-throttle. You can’t stop…

But why stop when you can give your brain a nitro boost? ;)

Kalavita’s super gummies are that one friend who is your RIDE OR DIE. They keep you focused, motivated, and give you that edge that no one else has. Usain Bolt won a gold medal by beating his competitor by one-hundredth of a second. That’s what life is all about - the extra edge. 

Our products combine the goodness of nature with a science-backed formula. Our patented, scientifically proven formula is 100% natural, vegan, and non-GMO.

What Goes In Our Gummies? 

Only the good stuff goes in our gummies.

Kalavita takes a balanced approach to health, combining our one-of-a-kind nootropics with nature’s powerful botanicals - to fuel your potential in just the right amounts.

Our unique formula has nature’s four most potent brain-boosting ingredients that give your brain a refresh without the caffeine jitters. 

Kalavita Focus Focus ingredients

# 1: Neumentix™ - Patent Powder

Neumentix™ is a patented mix of more than 50 phenolic compounds from spearmint leaves. Our local U.S. farms sourced spearmints are processed in the most gentle and natural ways to lock in the active ingredients keeping their purest form. 

Here is what Neumentix can do for you:

  • Limitless Focus:Remember the movie Limitless? We have all wished to have a key that can unlock doors to the chamber of focus!

We are not claiming we have unlocked that formula (wink!), but Neumentix™ does something similar. 

A U.S. research studied the effects of spearmint extract on young adults’ reaction time and physical agility. The data concluded a significant improvement in focus and reaction time in those who used spearmint extract, thus performing the same tasks more quickly and accurately (1). 

  • Memory Support: Did you know you start to lose as much as 10% of your cognitive memory even in your early 20s? (2). 

Another U.S. research showed that spearmint extract could improve the quality and accuracy of working memory by 15% and 9%, respectively (3).

  • Improved Mood and Sleep Quality: Don’t worry! :) KalaVita Focus Focus gummies are nothing like Adderall and will not keep you up till midnight. Our gummies can boost your motivation while keeping your body at peace. Our supercharge station will help you to seize the day without the 3 p.m. slumps - until you’re ready to snooze at night.

Researchers found that individuals who take Neumentix™ feel more motivated, experienced fewer mood swings, and have better sleep quality (3). 

#2: Guarana Extract - The Get Up and Go

Thanks to Guarana extract, Kalavita gummies get you all set to jump into that TikTok dance, catch your best angles for the gram, and be in the best state of your mind to smash those grades! 

Guarana is a natural source of caffeine that grows in the Amazonian rainforests. The extract triggers your motivation, focus, and responsiveness without making you hinged to it (4). 

Say bye to coffee stains, jitters, and afternoon slumps! 

# 3: L-theanine - The Modulator

We get that feeling of waking up with brain fog.  

With Kalavita gummies, we have chosen just the right amount of stimulants and calming ingredients just for you!

L-theanine is the zen component in our gummies, ensuring that you stay calm while thriving in tasks! (5)

# 4: Vitamin B12 - The Everyday Hero

To keep your mind and body in sync, we have added a little extra to our gummies - vitamin B12. It recharges your brainpower and fuels your physical energy so that you can function to your fullest and rock on! 

B12 powers your body at a cellular level and kicks start the energy-generating processes in your body, therefore improves your cognition and overall well-being (6). 

Product Quality and Your Safety are Our Priorities

We love our planet and understand the significance of sustainability.

That’s why our gummies use plant-based pectin as a jelling agent instead of gelatin. Pectin also contains 50% more fiber, lowers your cholesterol, keeps your blood sugars under control, and even lowers risks of cancer (7) - how good is that?

All of KalaVita’s ingredients are organically sourced, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Our gummies are also free of sugar, additives, artificial colorings, and preservatives.

The natural flavors of our gummies will give you a refreshing kick!

We Believe in Transparency

You deserve the BEST. At Kalavita we make sure we develop products that you can trust. 

Here are only a few of the extra miles we go to make sure you get an amazing experience. 

  • We are an FDA-registered company. 
  • We only work Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified manufacturers. 
  • We conduct third-party testing on everything (from our raw materials to finished gummies) to ensure the highest safety for our customers.

Share the Superpowers!

We want you to love Kalavita gummies knowing they are not only delicious but also healthy and empowering! 

We are here to bring out the #bestchew no matter where you are in life.

Enjoy our gummies, share them with your friends, and jumpstart an energetic lifestyle without limits! 

KalaVita: A Natural Nootropic for Busy Brains

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