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We’re KalaVita

Our clean promise

Our gummy vitamins contain top quality plant-based ingredients from trusted manufacturers, lab-tested and proven to deliver real results.

Most gummy vitamins are made with ingredients that should never be in your body. Our Nulla™ gummy base is as clean as it gets.

We’re dedicated to helping you feel good every day, so you have the energy and confidence to take on whatever life throws your way.

The NO list:
ingredients we never use

The NO list:
ingredients we never use

We took a good, hard look at the supplement facts of other gummy vitamins, and were shocked with what we saw: excessive sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, and more harmful ingredients with zero health benefits.

In every KalaVita gummy, you’ll never, ever find these:

Artificial colors are used to enhance colors that occur naturally, or add color to colorless and ‘fun’ foods, like candy. More studies have linked artificial food colors to genotoxicity (damage to DNA) than to safety.

High fructose corn syrup is an unnatural sweetener made from glucose and fructose. Studies show it can increase appetite and promote obesity more than regular sugar.

Gelatin derived from animals has been linked to anaphylaxis and renal failure–and even bleeding–possibly because of impaired coagulation and extravascular uptake.

Titanium Dioxide adds no real nutrient value and serves only as a filler to whiten products like paint,
cosmetics, paper, and sunscreen.

Hydrogenated oil is a trans fat commonly used as a preservative for enhancing the flavor and texture
of food. The CDC has linked over-consumption of trans fats with coronary heart disease and an increased risk of heart attack.

Studies show BHA should be classified in the category of “sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity.” Its chemical cousin, BHT, is often used with BHA. Studies have shown rats fed BHT have developed cancer, or other developmental effects and thyroid changes in animals, according to a safety report on BHA.

A commonly used preservative in the US, TBHQ is banned in Japan and other countries. Studies have found TBHQ to cause liver enlargement, neurotoxicity effects, convulsions, and paralysis in laboratory animals, and vision disturbance when consumed by

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