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0 Sugar gummies to improve concentration, memory and brain performance, without the caffeine jitters or 3pm slump.

FOUR ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR CONCENTRATION & ENERGY: KalaVita Focus Focus! Gummies have 4 active ingredients that boost your brain, improve your concentration and provide up to 4 hours of energy. Our patented Neumentix spearmint extract improves focus, memory and cognitive functions. Guarana extract and L-Theanine combination significantly improves attention. Vitamin B12 provides natural and sustainable energy;

SUGAR-FREE AND LOW CALORIES: We understand that you are not looking for unhealthy traditional gummies for your daily usage. KalaVita Focus Focus! Gummies have 0 sugar and only 15 calories per daily dose. That's equal to about a single bite of an apple. No need to worry about weight gain if you are on a diet!

NO SIDE EFFECTS: Natural ingredients in KalaVita Focus Focus! Gummies make them ideal for students, office workers, or anyone who has concentration problems or suffers from side effects from coffee, including jitteriness and caffeine addiction!