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January 14, 2022 2 min read

The foods we consume have a direct correlation to how our bodies function. When we ensure that we’re living off of a healthy diet, then we will thrive as healthy individuals – and the other way around for the contrary. However, if you’re aiming to promote better function for a specific area of your body or wellbeing, then this can be achieved with particular foods. 

There are three areas to consider for optimal hair health: follicle support, circulation, and healthy skin. The following foods contain various vitamins and minerals that support some or all of these factors. Take a look, and see where you can make adaptations to your meal prepping to grow the most stunning hair! 


The superfruit contains such a high concentration of nourish oils and fatty acids. Avocados are known to enhance the health of your scalp and promote shiny locks (1). With this in mind, stay on the lookout for hair products containing avocado oil!


The body thrives when given the proper amount of antioxidants. Not only are berries packed with antioxidants, but they also include high doses of vitamin C (2). In combination, both of these powerhouse ingredients are known to promote healthy hair growth. 


Healthy hair follicles lead to healthy hair growth. With the amount of protein found in meat, it’s no wonder that it has been shown to lessen its time to grow longer hair (2). Protein can strengthen the hair follicles, making this a dietary staple for optimal results. 


A superfood rich in vitamins A, E, biotin, and folate – what more can you ask for hair and scalp nourishment? All of the vitamins and minerals found in eggs help to moisturize the scalp and produce keratin (3). In conjunction with one another, all of these nutrients work together to grow long, gorgeous hair. 


This leafy vegetable is rich in several vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, zinc, iron, and antioxidants (5). All of these nutrients work to support healthy hair growth. It is also important to note that iron is necessary for oxygen to flow through the body, boosting circulation. Plus, spinach contains amino acids that can assist in repairing damaged hair (5).  


Omega fatty acids are tremendous sources of nutrition for the skin. Popular types of fish with large quantities of the healthy fats (mainly omega-3 and omega-6) are salmon and mackerel. Fatty fish is also high in protein, B vitamins, selenium, and vitamin D3 (2). All of which have been shown to produce stronger hair and a healthy scalp - the perfect combination for consistent hair growth. 

Sweet Potatoes 

The perfect side dish for perfect hair! Sweet potatoes are rich in copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an excellent nutrient for the hair, as it boosts cell growth, can prevent hair thinning, and can reduce dullness in the hair (6)! It sounds like sweet potatoes should be a dietary staple if you wish to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.