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November 05, 2021 2 min read

Every day, we spend countless hours looking at our digital devices, not even realizing that we’re causing harm to our eyes. Not only can viewing a screen for an extended period of time make your eyes feel strained and tired in the current moment, but the effects of harmful blue light can have damaging effects in the long run. 

If this sounds like a concern that you face on a day-to-day basis, you may want to consider incorporating a zinc supplement into your daily routine. Boosting your intake of zinc can offer numerous benefits to the body. More specifically, this powerful mineral can improve the various layers that make up your eyes and the quality of your vision. 

But how is zinc and your vision connected?

You’ve probably heard of the retina, which is one of the most important layers of the eye. It’s a significant part of the eye’s anatomy since this is what allows you to see (1). And within the retina, you have another layer called the macula, which exists as a form of protection (2). Zinc is naturally found within the macula, and some studies even suggest that incorporating zinc into your supplement routine can lessen your risk of developing poorer eyesight with age, and could potentially improve the way you see at night (2). Macular degeneration is common with age, which makes preventing this disorder early on that much more important. 

The human body is often responsible for the production and delivery of various vitamins and minerals. With this being said, zinc is known to help transport vitamin A from the liver all the way to the retina. This delivery naturally occurs within the body so that zinc can be absorbed by the retina, giving your eyes the ability to produce melanin - a protective pigment found in the eyes (3). Since melanin works to protect your vision and the overall health of your eyes, a zinc deficiency could possibly lead to ailments such as poor night vision and cloudy eyesight, often diagnosed as cataracts (3). By taking a zinc supplement, you could be avoiding long-term health issues before they start to develop. 

Looking to support your vision?

If you find yourself spending too much time exposing your eyes to blue light, or maybe you’re currently at risk of developing eye-related issues, try incorporating a zinc supplement into your daily routine! KalaVita recently launchedBling Bling, which was specifically designed to be a sugar-free supplement that aims to help both short and long-term concerns pertaining to the eyes. Just the right amount of zinc is used to fight off the harmful effects of blue light emitted from our devices.

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