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June 25, 2021 3 min read

Struggling to stay focused lately? 

All the screens around us have drastically reduced our attention span. This does not especially help if you have a pre-existing condition such as ADHD. 

What can you do to improve your focus?

Using focus vitamins might be an answer. But do these vitamins really work? Let us find out. 

Can vitamins help to alleviate ADHD and increase Focus?

Vitamins are organic compounds that serve important functions in your body. Currently, there are 13 recognized vitamins. The vitamin most important for maintaining focus and memory is vitamin B12. 

Research suggests that individuals most suffering from cognitive problems, focus issues, and poor learning had low blood levels of vitamin B12 (1). 

Vitamin B12 helps with brain function and focus due to a variety of reasons. Vitamin B12 helps in the synthesis of energy that fuels the brain cells. It is also a crucial part of the cellular pathways involved in the production of DNA. DNA is the source code for brain cells that helps them grow and make connections. The growth of neurons is pivotal to memory development and focus improvement. It also improves the synthesis of myelin (the protective layer around neuron cells). A healthy myelin sheath ensures a better connection between the brain and other body parts, which in turn improves concentration and focus (1). 

Research suggests that taking vitamin B12 for a few weeks causes a dramatic improvement in memory and focus (1). 

How to boost the strength of Vitamin B12
with other Focus Supplements?

In addition to vitamin B12, watch out for the following ingredients in a focus supplement. 
Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract and L-Theanine

A Korean research using a combination of L-theanine and green tea extract noticed a substantial improvement in memory, selective attention, and focus with only a few weeks of use (2). 
 Spearmint Extract

Spearmint Extract

Research shows that supplementation with spearmint extract might help with focus, working memory, and attention in healthy adults. It might also be useful in individuals with ADHD (3). 
Guarana Extract 

Guarana Extract

Loaded with potent bioactive ingredients, guarana extract improves working memory, response speed, and cognitive performance.

Focus Focus Gummy - Is it the One-Stop Solution?

Focus Gummyis one of the best focus supplements.It is committed to improve memory, brain performance, and concentration. It can also be helpful for individuals with ADHD. 

What makes Focus Focus gummy stand out?

Focus Focus gummies are made of handpicked ingredients that are clinically proven to work. It contains Neumentix™ that comes from spearmint leaves and contains 50 bioactive phenolic compounds. Also, it contains other focus and memory-boosting ingredients like guarana, L-theanine, and vitamin B12. 

Who Can Take Focus Vitamins and Supplements?

Majority of studies on vitamins and supplements are on children. However, both adults and kids can take these supplements. 

Focus Focus gummies are fun-packed, vegan, and all natural. These gummies only promise to deliver the healthiest active ingredients with 0 sugar, no preservatives or additives. 




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