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How Can I Check If My Hair Is Healthy?

Is your hair as healthy as you’d like it to be? Maybe your hair is super healthy, but the unrealistic standards set by the beauty industry are causing us to feel a sense of doubt. We feel and look at our head of hair every single day, so it’s not uncommon for us to overthink whether or not our manes are healthy.

Here are a handful of questions to ask yourself if you’re trying to determine the health of your hair!

Do you have any split ends? 

Split ends are probably some of the easiest signals that alert us to unhealthy hair. Our ends can become prone to splitting from so many different factors, including but not limited to the following: rough pillowcases, the use of hot tools, bleach, and not using enough conditioner. 

How much hair do you lose in the shower? 

On average, we lose about 80-100 strands of hair each day. Though this may sound like a lot, it’s actually quite normal. Due to our hair’s density (more about hair density and porosity here), many of these loose hairs are hidden within our mane. So, this means that they’re uncovered as we’re washing our hair in the shower. Typically, any clump of hair loss as big as a quarter or silver dollar is normal! However, many factors regarding hair type can play a role here. Visit our article here about why curly hair might appear to shed more than other hair patterns. On a more serious note, it’s possible that hair loss could be a symptom of an underlying medical issue, medication, etc. If you suspect there’s something wrong, we encourage you to consult with your doctor. 

Is it a hassle to detangle your hair?

When the hair cuticle is raised and unhealthy, the hair doesn't have a smooth appearance. The rough outer layer of the hair causes it to be significantly easier to tangle the hair and even more difficult to comb through it. Have you ever wondered how your hair can tangle by not doing anything to it? Raised hair cuticles may be the cause of this issue. If you experience similar issues, try out leave-in conditioners and treatments designed to smooth and seal the cuticle. Hair cuticles that lay flat result in smooth, vibrant, and shiny hair.

Do the strands have a good amount of elasticity? 

We've all heard about the desire to have elasticity within our skin, but it’s just as important for our hair! Have you ever pulled on hair strands, whether during the detangling process or while styling, and literally feel like the strand can be stretched without breaking like an *ahem* elastic band? That’s a great sign that your hair is in good shape! Over time, stressors such as hot tools and dyes can strip your hair of all its natural oils and proteins, leading to brittle, breakable hair strands. To maintain your hair’s elasticity, avoid damage-inducing products and opt for an even balance of moisture and protein! 

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