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March 30, 2022 2 min read

Every day, we lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair. Though this may sound like a lot of hair, our body gradually lets go of strands, which wouldn’t allow us to notice the amount. We often don’t notice how much hair we’re shedding until we run a  brush through our mane. 

First, let’s cover some of the most popular reasons you may occasionally experience hair loss: 

  • A new medication
  • Increased stress levels
  • The use of hot tools 
  • Biotin deficiency 
  • And more

How Much Hair Loss isToo Much

If you’re losing over 100 strands a day, it might signify that you have an underlying issue. Whether it’s a hormonal imbalance or a serious medical concern, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule out any complications. 

Sometimes, health issues can cause the hair cycle to be shorter, which results in more daily hair loss. Other concerns may involve the health of your scalp. Either way, a healthy body typically produces healthy hair. Of course, some factors can impact this concept, such as old age or pregnancy.But, like we always say, if something about your health seems different, talking with your doctor can’t hurt!

Do Curly/Wavy Heads of Hair Shed More?

The short answer isno. If you naturally have a pattern to your hair and use the proper leave-in products to style it, you may feel that you’re losing more hair than usual. Not only is this a misconception, but an unclear way to measure hair loss. The products often used by individuals with curly and wavy hair typically have a strong hold. Some products even feel a bit sticky. After you scrunch these textures into your hair, your strands begin to gather. To those following the wavy or curly girl method, this concept is known as “clumping.” When the hair dries into curls after you shampoo and condition it, the patterns are held together by leave-ins such as mousse, gel, cream, etc. As the hair naturally sheds from the scalp, the strands remain within the curls. So, once you begin washing your hair after a few days, the amount of hair loss you experience might feel alarming. Don’t panic! Your hair didn’t have the slip until this point to fall out, so the hair loss you’re experiencing is the lost strands of multiple days. 

If you want to avoid large quantities of hair loss in the shower, trygently brushing out your hair before hopping in! 

When Should I Seek Medical Help?

You know your body better than anyone! So, if you notice that you're experiencing more hair loss than average or any other corresponding symptoms, we strongly advise that you speak to your doctor. 

What Can I Do At Home?

Aside from seeking medical help, the following tips might help prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair. 

  • Exercise to increase blood flow to the scalp
  • De-stress with meditation or yoga
  • Take a biotin supplement
  • Avoid washing your hair every day
  • Eliminate the usage of hot tools 

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