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March 25, 2022 2 min read

Happy Spring! Our hair and beauty habits may change as the warmer weather falls upon us. From the way we style our hair to the products that we use, it’s common to notice differences in the appearance and texture of our hair as we move from season to season. We want to make sure that you’re ready to enjoy this sunny time of year while maintaining the health of your hair! 

The following guide contains a handful of tips to ensure that your locks continue to look beautiful against the heat and humidity to come!

Eliminate Towels After the Shower 

Wrapping up your hair may be the easiest thing to do when you hop out of the shower, but did you know that the added friction can produce aton of breakage? We would typically advise that you don’t use a towel during all four seasons, but we feel that it’s even more important during the summer months. Why? You’re already doing several things to your hair that can cause extra damage: using elastic bands, shampooing more often, increasing its exposure to sunlight, etc. With these factors in mind, you want to make sure that you’re giving your mane a little extra TLC. Harsh climates can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. Remaining mindful of how you treat it can perform wonders!

Avoid Dyes and Bleach 

It’s no secret that hair dye and bleach are bad for your hair, but it’s even worse when your hair is already exposed to environmental stressors. Between UV rays, saltwater, constantly tying your hair up, and more, your hair will be exposed to a number of factors that can dry it out. With this in mind, you’ll want to eliminate any topical products that can further damage your strands. 

Heat Protectants Are Your Best Friend 

Hot tools aren’t the only form of heat that can damage your hair! During the summer months, UV rays are much more intense. While you may love the more comfortable weather and the ability to catch a tan, your hair might pay the price. To protect your hair from sun exposure, simply use your favorite heat protectant on dry hair before heading outside. If you like the look, wearing hats will effectively protect your hair. Plus, the added protection for your face is a nice bonus! 

‘Tis the Season for Dry Shampoo 

It’s inevitable to sweat more than usual during the summer months, so you might feel inclined to shampoo more often. Even though it would feel amazing to always have clean hair, shampooing your hair on a daily basis isn’t the safest choice for the health of your hair. 

Maintain Hair Health With Biotin

Sometimes, your hair just needs a boost from the inside! During the summer season, beat all of the damage by consuming the proper nutrients to nurture and support strong, gorgeous hair. When you subscribe, you can receive Hair Hair at a discounted price!