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December 15, 2021 2 min read

What if we told you that you can improve the health of your hair while you sleep. That’s right - with one simple trick, you can say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable hair in the morning without putting in any effort. The solution?Silk pillowcases.It’s not just the luxurious feeling that makes us want to invest in one, but there are actual proven results from switching to the sleek fabric. 

  • Less friction on your hair strands 
  • You’ve probably been warned about the dangers of using a rough towel to wrap up your hair after the shower. Or even worse, using a towel with swiping motions to soak up excess water. These techniques are discouraged because friction can be the root of frizz and breakage on the hair. When you use a silk pillowcase, your hair has virtual zero resistance against the fabric.Bonus tip: Allow your hair to dry while also wearing a silk or satin shirt. By doing this, you’ll also eliminate any friction against your clothing when your hair is at its most fragile state. 

  • Less pulling and tugging during the night 
  • Silk (or satin) allows your hair to swiftly glide across your pillow. When you sleep against fabrics such as cotton or microfiber, your hair won’t experience the same kind of slip. This can cause excessive tugging that can lead to hair breakage. Plus, hair patterns such as coils and curls may see a noticeable difference in the shape of their locks. 

  • Bonus: They’re also better for your skin 
  • Do you ever wake up with creases in your skin from the way the sheets were wrinkled and folded? These marks may be temporary the first several times, but they can become a trigger for premature aging after a while. By laying against a silk pillowcase, your skin won’t be prone to rough materials that can hinder your beauty sleep.Bonus tip: Sleep on your back to avoid any risk of premature fine lines and wrinkles! 

    Silk pillowcases come in varying colors, sizes,and prices. Browse various shops to find out what will work best for your beauty needs, budget, and bedroom aesthetic. Check out some of our favorite brands below: 

    • Slip
    • Lily Silk]
    • Blissy 
    • Kitsch
    • Fishers Finery

    Pro Tip: Look out for100% mulberry silk pillowcases! This is the smoothest, most breathable kind of silk, in our opinion, and is recognized as one of the most hair-changing fabrics! 

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