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December 17, 2021 3 min read

Who doesn't want stronger, shinier hair that growsfast? Or, what about the kind of hair that is justso healthy that it never seems to experience damage. Well, friends, you can achieve all of these benefits when your diet contains a steady dose ofbiotinfor extended periods. 

What Exactly Is Biotin?

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is a naturally found vitamin in foods such as eggs, milk, fish, nuts, and bananas (1). If our diets don’t contain enough of the essential B vitamin, our physical appearance can show signs of a deficiency. Many symptoms of a biotin deficiency include hair loss, thinning hair, and hair that never seems to grow in length (1). If you don’t consume enough foods rich in B vitamins, incorporating a Biotin supplement into your daily routine can hold both healthand beauty benefits!

But Wait! Doesn’t Biotin Cause Breakouts? 

Many beauty bloggers and estheticians attribute biotin as a cause of acne. But it’s essential to keep in mind that there is little to no research suggesting that biotin alone causes acne—reports of breakouts from the biotin stem from how it reacts with other vitamins. In simpler terms, consuming more or less of particular vitamins and minerals can impact how the body absorbs others. With this being said, it has been shown that taking a biotin supplement can prevent other vitamins from being used by the body (2). So rather than biotin being the cause of new breakouts, these reactions are most likely caused by a lack of vitamins that typically control hormones and/or sebum production.

Upon taking a new biotin supplement, take note of what is typically “normal” regarding your skin—for instance, many women breakout during that time of the month due to hormone fluctuations. So if you begin consuming more biotin the weekbefore, it could appear as though this is the trigger. Like anything else, understanding your body and recognizing patterns is critical for properly caring for your health. 

If you believe that a biotin supplement is right for you, but you still end up developing acne, then it might be time to consult with your doctor. A simple blood test will tell you everything you need to know about balancing vitamins and whether or not you’re deficient in biotin in the first place. It’s always best to consult with a medical professional before taking any supplements, but we encourage it upon noticing any kind of side effects. 

Looking For The Perfect Biotin Supplement?

Look no further! KalaVita recently announced the launch of Hair Hair, our newest gummy vitamin to support all of your hair needs! We made sure to formulate the peach-flavored gummy with just the right amount of biotin that allows you to see beautiful results in your hair without disrupting the body. For instance, biotin and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) are absorbed by the same receptors within the intestines (3). When you begin taking biotin supplements, the amount of biotin in the gut outweighs the amount of vitamin B5 present. This imbalance can lead to a vitamin B5 deficiency, leading to flares in acne. Vitamin B5 is thought to regulate the skin’s barrier function, which supports clear, healthy skin (3). We made sure to include B5 in Hair Hair with this concern in mind. We also include vitamin E, which is essential for hydrating the skin and maintaining a healthy moisture barrier.



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