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March 18, 2022 3 min read

It’s almost time for some heavy-duty spring cleaning. Remember that cleaning your space might also mean decluttering items that no longer serve a purpose. When your seasonal cleaning ritual reaches the bathroom, consider tossing the following tools and products. Not only can some of these items cause immediate damage, but others might cause frizz or buildup over time. 

Hot Tools

We’re starting the list with an obvious one! If using tools has become a habit, one way to initiate a solution is by getting rid of the tools! Maybe you don’t throw them away in the trash since they can be pricey and create a decent amount of waste, but perhaps you can put them somewhere inconvenient that you'll eventually forget. Set a reminder in your planner for six months from now. If you’ve missed them or have reached for them during this process, keep them! If not,then you know it’s time to say goodbye.

Leave-In Conditioners withToo MuchSilicone

The slip created by products rich in silicones can feel incredible. As your hair air dries smooth, shiny, and tangle-free, you may be thinking that you hit the jackpot of haircare products. Unfortunately, this texture is most likely created by a residue rather than a boost in your hair’s health. Silicones work by creating a thin coating over the hair strand, which gives us a false appearance that our hair is healthy. Even though a little bit of silicone now and then isn’t necessarily the worst thing for your hair, the buildup over time can lead to oiliness and breakage. Our best advice? Ditch the products with high quantities of silicones, and use a clarifying shampoo the next couple of showers. If your holy grail product falls into this category, don’t panic! Just pick up a clarifying shampoo and use it once or twice a month to keep up with the excessive buildup. 

Elastic Bands

Pulling your hair up is the most simple, comfortable, and convenient style you could choose. Whether you’re preparing a meal or washing off your makeup at the end of the day, there are just instances where having your hair down is a nuisance. Now, we’re not saying youshouldn’ttie your hair up, but we suggest that you be mindful of what you use to hold up your hair. For instance, you’ll experience the least amount of pulling and shedding with velvet/velour scrunchies and evenless damage with silk scrunchies. For the love of your hair, never use rubber elastic bands! Rubber causes such an extreme amount of tugging that you’re bound to lose a few strands even if your hair is the epitome of health. Just remember, the smoother the fabric, the safer!

Shampoos Containing Harsh Surfactants 

It may sound a little contradicting compared to #2 on this list, but there’s a difference between clarifying shampoos and those marketed to be used daily. If you suffer from dry hair or an itchy scalp, it may be caused by a super harsh shampoo. Check the ingredients product reviews, and determine if it’d be best to find a new shampoo/conditioner combo with milder agents. 

Expired Products

Okay, this might be a bit more obvious than #1, but time flies, and you may have more expired products than you think! Ever notice the little icon of a jar with a number that’s stamped on cosmetic products? That number is the number of months the product is good for once the bottle has been opened. So, take a look at each bottle and remember when you made the purchase. Can't remember? That may be enough of a sign to toss it in the trash and replace it!