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February 18, 2022 3 min read

Enhancing your natural beauty goes far beyond your hair and skin. Well-manicured nails have been a beauty staple for centuries. Even though most individuals strive for beautifully healthy nails, they can often be prone to damage and breakage. 

One of the best steps you can take towards maintaining the appearance of your nails is to make sure they’re always strong. It may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at how many factors throughout our daily lives can interfere. For example, washing your hands with hot water can cause your nails to break before they have the chance to grow longer. Or, if you ever clean around your house with cleaning products containing harsh chemicals without wearing gloves, you may begin to notice that your nails remain short. When you stop to think about it, we’re constantly using our hands, applying pressure to the nails. So, let’s be mindful of some of the top aggravators wreaking havoc on your nails:

Expired Nail Polish 

If you use a nail polish that has lived in your collection past its expiration date, it won’t exactly cause any issues to your health. However, old nail polish is likely to change in consistency, which also means it may not last as long on your nails? So how is this an issue? As you wear a polish that is prone to chipping, you’ll probably feel more inclined to begin picking off the polish yourself - which is a common root of nail damage. Even though the result may be invisible, peeling nail polish off your nails can also remove tiny particles of the nail itself. As a result, your nails may feel thinner and brittle after wearing one of the nail polishes you’ve owned since you were a kid.This is your sign to get rid of them and repurchase your favorite shades!

Acrylic Nails

Unfortunately, it’s true. The Instagram-worthy beauty trend, the one that’s always so aesthetically pleasing, isextremely damaging to your nails. When the nails are covered for weeks on end, they are bound to suffocate. By not exposing the nails to air, their health and strength dimishes very quickly. If you notice, thin and brittle nails are always the result after acrylic tips come off. 

Hot Water 

It was mentioned earlier that washing your hands with hot temperature can cause damage to your nails, but we cannot stress it enough! Not only do we find it comfortable to use warmer water, but it’s something that we encounter daily. Just think about all of the times we expose our nails to water each day - in the shower, cleansing the dishes, during our skincare routines, and so on.And,to think that the temperature isn’t the only factor that can cause breakage! Water itself causes all of the natural oils within your nails and cuticles to wash away. The use of scorching hot temperatures is just the cherry on top, as it can irritate and weaken your nails. The next time your hands are under running water, try to be more mindful of whether or not it can result in breakage - you’re bound to notice a major difference!


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