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February 23, 2022 2 min read

Many people want to cut sugar out of their diet but lack the motivation to do so. But what if we told you that removing sugar from your diet can be one of the most sustainable lifestyle changes you can make for the planet? That’s right! The act of eliminating sugar from your daily meals could be just as, if notmore beneficial than removing animal products or throwing away excessive amounts of plastic. 

Sugarcane production has been detrimental to various biodiverse climates all across the globe. In fact, approximately one dozen countries around the world devote 25% or more of their agricultural land to the production of sugar (1). By eliminating the natural habitats of different regions, we have tarnished the ecosystems that once supported many ecological systems. 

One of the most pronounced effects of sugarcane production is the negative impact on water. Sugarcane production creates waste and sewage that flows into our water, which also has been shown to damage our ecosystem (1). 

Sugar Mills Leading to the Decrease in Fish Populations

As the waste and debris provoked by sugarcane production are absorbed into freshwater bodies, all of the available oxygen is absorbed, leading to mass killings of fish. If this wasn’t bad enough for aquatic life, the gases, soot, and chemicals released during sugar production also contaminate the water. Silt and fertilizers are also damaging to marine environments, and recent reports show that they are wreaking havoc on the Great Barrier Reef and Mesoamerican Reef (2). 

So how can you begin to go sugar-free?

We understand it can be pretty tempting to splurge on sweets. Some consumers even argue that sugar addiction is a real phenomenon. Whether or not a zero-sugar diet is a challenge for you, starting small will always be your best option. 

The following aspects of a diet are where you can begin eliminating sugar:

  • Sweeteners - there are many artificial sweeteners on the market. Most of which you would never believe is not sugar!Our recommendation? Try Stevia! It’s the healthiest and safe forall diets. 
  • Vitamins - As a health and wellness supplement, there is no reason why there should be ingredients like sugar in your daily dose of vitamins. That’s one of the many reasons why KalaVita keepsevery product completely sugar-free!Shop our selection here. 
  • Fast & Processed Food - Believe it or not, even traditionally healthy dishes from fast-food chains contain sugar. For instance, salads from processed brands and fast-food restaurants often include vegetables that have been sweetened. Plus, it’s very common to ruin a healthy meal with dressings and sauces full of processed sugars. If you eliminate fast food and try eating clean, it’ll become so much easier to say “nope” to nasty ingredients that don’t improve your health.

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